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Computer Science


Training Program

  • The program is designed to approach scientific and technological achievements in the world at the aim of creating generations of computer science bachelors who research as well as develop specific applications to address the practical requirements.
  • The program is focused to develop individuals’ ability, enhance knowledge, expertise, and improve language capacity along with soft skills and other conditions to adapt different environments.

Teaching staff

  • All of teachers possess at least master degree issued by Vietnam universities or foreign countries and are experienced in teaching for years.
  • Unofficial teachers and reporters who work at the university temporarily also play important roles in organizations, departments, and enterprises such as scientists, professors, or businessmen.
  • Teaching assistant and learning consultant teams are well trained and enthusiastic to support students in any necessary case.

Scientific research and corporation

  • Students are offered to conduct scientific research within research groups instructed by lectures of the University or take part in research carried by those lecturers
  • The University invites enterprises and corporations to support training programs and scientific research

Future career

Students can be in charge of varying positions at different workplaces such enterprises, universities, research institutes, foreign companies, etc.

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