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High Quality Programs

High Quality Program

The University of Information Technology has been operating the high quality program since 2013at the aim of establishing an excellent program according to international standards, training students to become expert engineers, and creating proficient language users for any innovative technological requirement. The program consists of following majors

  • Engineering in Computer Technology – 4.5 academic years
  • Engineering in Software Technology – 4.5 academic years
  • Engineering in Information System – 4.5 academic years
  • Engineering in Safety Information – 4.5 academic years
  • Engineering in Communication and Internet– 4.5 academic years
  • Bachelor in Computer Science – 4 academic years

The program offers students with up-to-date materials and lectures in bilingual languages or English with a number of subjects (at least 8 subjects, accounted for 20% of the total credits). In addition, students are instructed to dramatically develop their reasoning ability, creativity, group collaboration to address the workforce requirements.

Conditions of Enrollment

Applicants who voluntarily involve into the program must meet following requirements:

  • Graduate from high school
  • Qualify to attend the University of Information Technology after the national entrance examination or
  • Achieve national awards

Learning Environment

  • Students are instructed by experienced professional lecturers with Master degree or higher degree; moreover, they have dedicated numerous scientific research to the society.
  • Students are facilitated by lecturers who play the roles of teaching assistants and learning consultants in their learning process
  • Students are included in small size groups from 30 to 45 students per lecture class and a maximum of 20 students in a practice/discussion class
  • Classrooms are equipped with high quality devices such as projectors, internet, wifi, air conditioners, and modern sound systems
  • Students can learn in modern self-study rooms and freely use open foreign textbook library
  • Students are trained to enhance their English ability during the learning process to achieve TOEFL PBT 400 after first two academic years and TOEFL 450 after four academic years.
  • Students are introduced to entrepreneurs and work for them after graduation
  • Students are picked up by cars from the center to the university in Thu Duc and vice versa
  • The 2016 tuition fee is 28million VND/year for the first two year and 30 million VND/year for following academic years. The tuition fee will be adjusted every course according to the tuition rate of the contemporary regulation.

Career Opportunity

After graduating from High Quality Program of the University of Information Technology, engineers are able to be in charge of varied positions and work for government agencies or research institutes.