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International Joint Programs

International Joint Programs - Birmingham City University

Birmingham City University (BCU) is one of the major universities in the city of Birmingham, United Kingdom, with more than 200 years of history.


Birmingham City University was established on the basis of unifying the small academies in the city of Birmingham from October 1843 to the present day with a history of more than 150 years.

In 2019, the University of Information Technology launched an international association training program with Birmingham City University - United Kingdom (BCU) with the goal of creating opportunities for students to possess an international university degree, to be fluent in English and ready for international level computer engineer positions after graduation.

Current training courses:

- Bachelor of Computer Science - 3.5 academic years (according to the British education system)

- Bachelor of Computer Networking & Information Security - 3.5 academic years (according to the British education system)

(Consists of 2 phases: UIT - Phase 1: 2.5 academic years, BCU - Phase 2: 1 academic year)

The program is specially designed from the undergraduate degree program of Birmingham City University, so the course structure is practical, up-to-date, international and professionally focused right from the semester. firstly. In addition, students are focused on developing the ability to think creatively, work in groups... to meet the requirements of the labor market.


Candidates who voluntarily participate in the program must meet the following admission requirements:

- Graduated from high school in Vietnam and have an IELTS certificate of 5.5 (or another certificate approved by the Ministry of Education and Training as equivalent).

- Or the candidate has studied and graduated from high school (or equivalent) at a foreign educational institution where the language is taught in English.

* For candidates who do not have an international English certificate, they must take the English entrance exam at the University of Information Technology. Based on the results of this English assessment, candidates who do not meet the English entry standards will have to attend English training courses organized by the University of Information Technology.


- The BCU International Joint Program awarded by Birmingham City University is taught at the University of Information Technology - has the same program structure as British standards and a full-time University degree like being taught at UK

- Students studying the program have the opportunity to study the entire 3.5-year program in Vietnam or can convert to England for their final year.

- Classrooms are equipped with high quality devices such as projectors, internet, wifi, air conditioners, and modern sound systems

- Students can learn in modern self-study rooms and freely use open foreign textbook library

- Students are introduced to entrepreneurs and work for them after graduation

- The 2021 tuition fee in each semester is about 40 million VND/semester. The tuition fee will be adjusted every course according to the tuition rate of the contemporary regulation.