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Computer Science Bachelor

Program Objectives

  • The program is aimed at discovering and training excellent students who have talent in computer science as well as are potential to become experts by investing to facility, modern equipment, high quality teaching staff. They are all required to obtain at least doctorate degree, be experienced in teaching, conduct scientific research, expand applications, and apply advanced pedagogical methods to meet international standards.
  • The curriculum of this program is designed with higher and deeper content level at the aim of developing creation, learning autonomy, and enhancing practical skills along with practical knowledge.
  • Students are oriented to carry out scientific research activities and applying software product development projects in reality

Career Opportunity

  • Students can work at different positions belonged to various fields as below
  • Specialist of analyzing, designing, and installing information technology project depending on requirements of companies, schools, or enterprises
  • Specialist of establishing project, planning, managing computer application development, or developing software system
  • Officer of domestic software companies or foreign companies
  • Teacher and scientific researcher at institutes, research centers, research departments, etc.


  • A significant number of students of this program graduated with excellent or good degree and also work with high salary
  • Students achieved various national awards such as ACM/IPC, Information Safety in 2013 and 2014. In particular, there were two students of Honor Program who achieved Ho Chi Minh City Information Technology and Communication award
  • Students’ scientific researches were published in scientific conferences and international journals

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