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Information Safety


At the aim of addressing the urgent information safety requirements and high quality manpower, the University of Information Technology admits students for the high quality program – safety information. Students are provided with opportunities to develop skills regarding technology security and modern communication. Information safety is an attractive major with high income after graduation as information safety employees are considered as virtual soldiers who ensure security for users, computer network, and information system.

Training program

·         The Computer network and Communication faculty is responsible to prepare specialist manpower for information safety as well as communication and computer network. Professional teachers with master degree, doctorate degree, and engineering degree are also invited to work for the faculty. Apart from necessary degree, they are required to achieve relevant certificates such as Cisco, Microsoft, Red Hat… At the present, six classes have graduated from the faculty of Computer Network and Communication with the degree of network management, network security, information safety, wireless communication, digital forensics, and mobile safety.

·         The University of Information Technology has focused on improving the quality of facility such as computer network laboratories, information safety experimental rooms, along with other modern devices at the aim of creating a convenient learning environment for students. Moreover, the faculty also enables students to develop their potential relating to information safety and encourage students’ contests. As a result, information system teams obtain outstanding results in national and international contests regarding information safety as well as information security such as champion of the national information safety contest in 2013, 2014, 2015, and champion of Cyber SEA GAME 2015.

Training Aims

·         The Computer network and Communication faculty has been striving to research and apply technology achievement into the current modernization of our country. In addition, the faculty also desires to instruct students to comprehend and utilize popular solutions to ensure the system such as security technology, coding techniques, message decoding, construction of safe network system, virus-worms mechanism, malwares, etc. Moreover, students are prepared knowledge to discover and prevent virtual catastrophes as well as contribute safety regulations to protect the system.

·         The Information Safety consists of two main majors which are Network and Information Security and Cyber-Crime Investigation. Their main purpose is to create information safety generations of well- trained engineers with high work ethic and good discipline in order to address research and application requirements as well as design, experiment, secure, and manage computer systems and communication. In addition, students are provided with knowledge and skills in order to diagnose, prevent, and recover information system when things happen. They are also encourage to participate in activities aimed at improving social communication, group-work, effective time management, and stress management. They are expected to apply knowledge and skills into practical situations and solve different problems.

Future Career Opportunity

It is believed that information technology is one of the essential components at any workplace or even of a nation; as a result, ensuring information safety has become an urgent requirement. Graduating with the degree of information safety engineer, students can work at any national or foreign enterprises with important positions as well as high salary.


Work position

Work place

Employee of security and system testing

Influential corporations – companies: Vietnam PwC, EY, TMA, VNG, FPT, etc.

Banks, data centers, Internet service provider (ISP)

Employee of safe application evaluation, system, and safety information risk

Military telecom corporation Viettel, HPT, EY, etc.

Employee of digital crime investigation, code, analysis, and ransomware prevention

BKAV and Vietnam Computer Emergency Response Team (VNCERT)

Employee of safety software development

Software and application companies

Lecturer of internet safety, information security, and information technology

Universities, colleges, institutes, and research institutes, etc.


Contact Information

Office of excellent programs

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Computer network and communication Faculty

Room E8.2 (faculty office), Room E8.6 (Safety Information faculty), E building. University of Information Technology, quarter 6, Linh Trung ward, Thu Duc district, Ho Chi Minh City

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