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  1. What are the admission conditions?

The Advanced Program accepts students who either transfer directly from high school or attend the national university entrance examination branch A, A1, or D (to any university and major). Students must meet the annual standard score regulated by the University of Information Technology and also the foreign language standards including at least TOEFL 400, TOEFL iBT 45, or relevant certificates. In case students cannot summit any foreign language certificate, they have to take the English entrance examination at the University.

The High Quality Program accepts students who attend the national university entrance examination and meet the University of Information Technology requirements. Students are given placement tests at the aim of providing them with appropriate English classes to achieve TOEFL PBT 400 after the first 2 years and TOEFL PBT 450 after 4 years.

The Honor Program accepts students who either achieve high results in the national university entrance examination (awarded point is not included) or students achieve excellent reward in national or international Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and Computer examinations

  1. How much is the annual tuition fee?

The tuition is approximately around 20 million VND to 30 million VND per year.

The tuition fee for each course is announced in the admission and remained the same during the duration of the course.

  1. Does the school provide any scholarship for students?

Advanced Program and High Quality Program students are offered two types of scholarship

  • Program Scholarship
    • Annual learning support scholarship: the University issues a full scholarship (the amount of money is equal to the amount of tuition fee for the next semester) and two partial scholarships (the amount of money is as half as the amount of tuition fee for the next academic year) for students who have the highest achievement at the end of each year.
    • New students’ scholarship: the University bases on students’ score in the national university entrance examination to issue one full scholarship (equal to tuition fee for the first academic year) and two partial scholarships (equal to half of the tuition fee for the first academic year) for new students.
  • University Scholarship: in addition to Program Scholarship, students with high achievement can also receive scholarship from the university as other general students do.

Honor Program students are offered scholarship at the end of each semester when they address specific scholarship requirements.


  1. Do students of Excellent Programs receive the advantage as general students of the University do?

Students of Excellent Program is also considered being students of the University so they definitely receive the same advantage as other students do. In addition, students of Excellent Program are provided with special conditions such as modern facility, small size classrooms, learning consultants, foreign and national professors, Advanced Program scholarship, students exchange program, exclusive extra curriculum activities, and English improvement courses.

  1. Are students of the Advanced Program taught by foreign professors?

At the moment, students are being instructed by professors from foreign countries such as Dr. Michel Toulouse, Dr. David Cline, and Dr Doug Heisterkamp (Oklahoma State University); Dr. David Douglas (Arkansas State University), Dr. Cyrus Shahabi (South California University); Dr. Peter Reiher (California University); and Dr. Takuya Matsuzaki (Information Technology Institute, Japan),… Apart from foreign professors, students are also taught by qualified oversea Vietnamese teachers such as Dr. Nguyen Ngoc Thanh (Wroclaw University of Technology, Poland); Dr. Duong Nguyen Vu-Director of Excellent Center John Von Neumann National University (Eurocontrol, France); and Dr. Pham Hi Duc (ECE School, France)

  1. Do Advanced Program students have to learn all of the subjects in English? In case they do not understand, are they provided with extra class?

According to the Regulation of the Education and Training Department, students of the Advanced Program must learn subjects in English; as a result, English is the compulsory language in class for students to exchange ideas, discuss, and also improve their English. Moreover, each class is supported by a teaching assistant who can help students with learning difficulties.

  1. What is the information regarding facility in detail?

Students of Excellent Program have been providing modern facility such as computer rooms with private Internet access, updated library with foreign materials, and information technology electronic library with legal copyright. In addition, the University also offers financial support for students to announce their scientific research at international conferences, attend national and international academic contests, and exchange information technology knowledge with foreigners.

  1. Does the Program provide students with accommodation?

Students of the program is prioritized to register Vietnam National University Ho Chi Minh City dormitory , especially high quality rooms.

  1. What is the admission procedure at the University?

According to the regulations of Education and Training Department, in the first admission evaluation, candidates register maximum 2 universities and at each university, they can register maximum 2 majors.

  • Time: the first admission evaluation is announced by UIT
  • Method: students can send their profile directly, online, or via the post office
  • Online registration:
  • The candidates conduct online registration on the Education and Training Department website and summit the admission fee which is announced when registering for:

The University of Information Technology, ACB bank, Sai Gon branch, Ho Chi Minh City

Account number: 25083649

The candidates need to state their information clearly. For example, candidate number-full name

QSK000125-Nguyen Thanh An

The candidate must include following forms

  • Admission form
  • A copy of acceptance from/university entrance examination score (original paper will be submitted after attending)
  • A copy of Foreign language certificate

The profile can be submitted at the university or delivered to

Office of Excellent Program – Room E2.1 – E Building, The University of Information Technology, Linh Trung Ward, Thu Duc District, Ho Chi Minh City

  1. After attending the Advanced Program in 2 years, can students transfer to the Oklahoma State University? Can students receive two certificates issued by the Ho Chi Minh City University of Information Technology (UIT) and Oklahoma State University?

Students can transfer to Oklahoma State University (OSU) after two academic years at Ho Chi Minh City University of Information Technology. The OSU completely accepts credits which are already completed at UIT. Students are given “Advanced Program Bachelor” degree issued by OSU when they graduate.