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Danh mục sách

Machine Learning in Production: Developing and Optimizing Data Science Workflows and Applications
Tác giả: Andrew Kelleher Adam Kelleher
Behavior-Driven Development with Cucumber: Better Collaboration for Better Software
Tác giả: Richard Lawrence, Paul Rayner
Mastering Professional Scrum: A Practitioners Guide to Overcoming Challenges and Maximizing the Benefits of Agility
Tác giả: Stephanie Ockerman, Simon Reindl
Writing for Publication
Tác giả: Mary Renck Jalongo, Olivia N. Saracho
Understanding Statistics Using R
Tác giả: Randall Schumacker, Sara Tomek
UML @ Classroom
Tác giả: Martina Seidl, Marion Scholz, Christian...
The Python Workbook
Tác giả: Ben Stephenson
The Data Science Design Manual
Tác giả: Steven S. Skiena
Sustainable Supply Chains
Tác giả: Yann Bouchery, Charles J. Corbett, Jan...