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Some general rules


- Students achieved the award in the International Olympic Competitions on Computing and the National Competitions to select gifted students.

- Students passed the University Entrance Examination of an A or A1 major with scores stipulated by the Ministry of Education and Training, and by the UIT.

- Meeting the English language proficiency requirements for the Advanced Education Program as prescribed by the University.

- Voluntarily participating in training programs.

If the students mentioned above meet the conditions of completion the program in English in high school and wish to register for admission to advanced education program will attend the preliminary selection (in English) to select 30 students in their freshmen year of university.


To be enrolled in the program, students should have a minimum level of English equivalent to TOEFL iBT 45 or TOEFL paper test 450. The students who do not have certificates above can attend the exam on the English test.

Students who do not meet these conditions will have to attend the intensive English classes so as to be qualified for the program.

As the expected plan, after 2 years of study, students should achieve the level of English equivalent to TOEFL iBT 79.

- Students who do not meet the above requirements may submit the application for further consideration.

- Please contact the Executive Board for more program details


Executive Board of Advanced Program

University of Information Technology, VNU-HCM

Quarter 6, Linh Trung Ward, Thu Duc District, Ho Chi Minh City


Phone: (08) 37246731