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Danh mục sách

Introduction to Embedded Systems
Tác giả: Manuel Jiménez, Rogelio Palomera,...
Introduction to Electronic Commerce and Social Commerce
Tác giả: Efraim Turban, Judy Whiteside, David...
Introduction to Digital Systems Design
Tác giả: Giuliano Donzellini, Luca Oneto,...
Introduction to Data Science
Tác giả: Laura Igual, Santi Seguí
Internet of Things From Hype to Reality
Tác giả: Ammar Rayes, Samer Salam
International Business Management
Tác giả: Kamal Fatehi, Jeongho Choi
Guide to Scientific Computing in C++
Tác giả: Joe Pitt-Francis, Jonathan Whiteley